How to Help Your Child to Excel in their Education by Shifting to International Curriculum  at the affordable Cost. 

Our hybrid online program provides stimulating teaching, learning, challenging, and tailored to the needs of each individual child during this pandemic.  We enhanced our online class experience with  a checklist for homework monitoring and reporting system.  Students will also be allocated a dedicated mentor for assistance and guidance. Our mission is to provide quality international education that helps in their personal development and prepares them in their education journey at an affordable cost.

What Your Child will Learn In Universal Homeschool Center (UNIHOME) 


  • UNIHOME’s students have 30% better academic achievements compared to traditional school students by focusing on helping students to practice more instead of learning only theory.

  • UNIHOME’s students will graduate with IGCSE / an American High School Diploma that qualifies them to study either in the USA, abroad or locally.

  • UNIHOME's  IGCSE/American Curriculum provides and prepares International exposure & opportunities to students and this enables students to adapt to different cultures and study environment.

  •  UNIHOME's students are balanced in education and character building and this will ensure a student to be a better all-round person.

  • UNIHOME’s coaching methodology unleashes the full potential in a student. Students will now able to do research on their own from various resources available like the internet, public library among them.

  • UNIHOME's students will learn how to do time management so that they will be more productive and produce a better result.

  • UNIHOME'S students will learn the proven studying skills so that they study efficiently and effectively which will help them tremendously throughout their life.


  • Academic flexibility - UNIHOME’s homeschool hybrid and e-learning program can work whether a child is ahead, behind,  strong-willed, creative, challenging, quiet, gifted, or active.

  • Teacher’s strength - UNIHOME’s homeschool teachers are in charge of the schedule, grade level, learning approach, curriculum, and even student’s graduation requirements.

  • Meeting current student’s needs now - UNIHOME’s teachers are capable of understanding and identifying a child’s mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical health.

  • Efficient learning - UNIHOME has a low student-teacher ratio which will be an efficient learning environment

  • Getting into college - UNIHOME’s education with quality subjects will lead to an accredited high school diploma for students to enter higher learning institutions.

  • Accommodating to special situations -UNIHOME’s online homeschool program works well for families living anywhere or who always travel  with challenging work schedules or affected by the current COVID 19 pandemic.             

Here's How Your Child Will Learn:

Our Learning Materials

Our Teachers

Teacher Jiun Ting 

Language Art

Teacher Sam

Social Studies & Science

Teacher Asogan

Malay Language & Mathematics

Teacher Winnie


Teacher Malliga

Social Studies & Malay Language

Teacher Angeline


Teacher Jin Wen


Teacher Ashah

Language Art & Arts

Teacher Manita

Language Art & Computer Class

This is Suitable For:

  • Parents with Children aged 6-18/19 years old.
  • Parents who want their child to build a Strong Foundation in English, Math, and Critical Thinking.
  • Parents who want their child to be a Problem Solver, Critical Thinker and Self-Directed Lifelong Learner.
  • Parents who want their child to be educated in international curriculum.

What Former Student Says

What Other Parents Say

I am glad that we can send homework sheet for marking and they will send back the marked homework through online.

Bala KumarSales & Executive

The transition from physical class to online during the MCO period when smoothly.

Sherena IT Manager

I like the pathway to studying in the USA upon graduation of my child's High School Diploma which also grants them the option to study locally. 

Judy Tan Human Resource Manager

Small ratio classes has helped my children to focus on his education thoroughly.

Harith Abdullah Businessman 

About UniHome


We, UNIVERSAL HOMESCHOOL CENTER (UNIHOME) a subsidiary of UNIVERSAL STUDY ADVISORY was established in November 2020 by a dedicated team of individuals with 15 years of educational background. Our mission is to explore, inspire and accelerate our students’ growth. UNIHOME is going to help students who are facing difficulties in traditional school classrooms with the help of UNIHOME’s teacher’s effort in completing their homeschool journey till the child earns a basic degree in his/her life.

UNIHOME provides homeschooling to children whose parents are seeking alternative education for their better future. UNIHOME offers primary(Elementary) and Lower Secondary (Middle School) and Upper Secondary (High School) where eventually students will graduate IGCSE or American High School Diploma (which is higher than SPM/IGCSE). The diploma allows them to further their education locally or overseas.

UNIHOME’s main center is located in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur with plans to establish centers in major cities in Malaysia and overseas.



Our teachers are university graduates with 15 years of experiences in the American Curriculum and 30 years of experiences in the field of education which includes IGCSE too. We are proud that our teachers share the same mission with UNIHOME which is to EXPLORE, INSPIRE, and ACCELERATE our students' growth.

Our teachers have experienced between 15 to 30 years in the field of education. Among the teachers are Mr.  Sam who is experienced in teaching Science, Social Studies and  Arts with 15 years of experience, Mr. Asogan who has 30 years of experience in teaching Language Arts, Reading, Writing and English Literacy and Mdm. Malliga with 15 Years of experience in teaching Math, Malay, Critical Thinking.  Not limited to the above teachers we have many part-time tutors for hybrid and online classes with UNIHOME.

Where Are We Located

Universal Homeschool Center

Suite 272.3.2, Wisma Mutiara Genting, Jalan Genting Kelang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

[We are currently doing online and physical  classes at the moment .]

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